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Earle Toppings, head of trade books at the Ryerson Press, had approached her in late about the possibility. No worry about my brother, he does not notice enough.

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They took it to Alfred A. During university, she spent about half of her time on academics and the other half writing — she has said that then she could feel the writing taking over.

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She drove a car, a mark of independence in a married woman then. After 14 story collections, Munro has reached at least a couple generations of writers with her psychologically subtle stories about ordinary men and women in Huron County, Ontario, her birthplace and home.

Munro knew that she wanted to be a writer from the time that she was a teenager and wrote consistently while she helped her first husband, James Munro, run a bookstore and raise their three daughters. Every word glows.

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Announcing the award in Stockholm, the Swedish Academy said that Ms. She told The National Post in Canada this year that she was finished writing, a sentiment she echoed in other interviews.

Sounding a bit groggy, and at times emotional, she spoke with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation just a few minutes later by telephone. Munro's narrators are philosophical, melancholic, at an ironic distance from their own lives.

There was no way I could get that kind of time.

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With her scholarship money ending, she could either find another way to live or go home to Wingham. We are drawn to her writing by its verisimilitude — not of mimesis , so-called and It is dedicated to Robert E. No novel emerged but stories did. There were periods of living apart and sharing the children in Victoria, and of travel with them, but in she left British Columbia for good and moved to back to Ontario. They were later joined by the family of their brother, William Laidlaw, who had emigrated to Illinois but died there. In , she married Gerald Fremlin, a cartographer and geographer she met in her university days.

Alice Laidlaw began school in at the Lower Town School and spent two years there, completing grades one and three. The last American to win the prize was Toni Morrison, in

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