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It mixes the world of theatrics with the mystery, and when done right, it can be incredible. A young man masters lucid dreaming.

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Then someone follows a trail of clues to find the answer. A London campus is in frenzy as five of their top professors, along with each of their top students disappear without a trace.

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Know different types of mysteries inside out 2. The television show Jonathan Creek often deals with this sort of crime: impossible deaths, disappearances of heavily guarded paintings, a mysterious man who walks through the snow without leaving footprints… I particularly recommend Jack in the Box the complete 60 minute version, not the edited one and Danse Macabre as a starting point for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the series. Ellery Queen came up with a more original solution in Cat of Many Tails. There are two big reasons people get into mysteries. In most mystery authors, will try to tackle a murder mystery at some point in their careers. The first few volumes have very weak mysteries, but the series hits its stride when it gets to the double digits, and comes up with extremely imaginative stories with good solutions. A superhero gives up his life of valor to become evil. Otherwise, you undermine the reasons people came to your story in the first place! People live in a world without light. Why was a body found buried in the snow still warm? An abused teen escapes her home and finds refuge in India. There is no known link except for the proximity in which they occurred. Thank you, Mandy, for helping! At its core, the structure of a mystery plot is simple enough - something happens at the beginning of your plot that poses a big question, and your investigator follows a series of clues that leads up to the answer.

Antarctica is now a ridiculously wonderful place to live and has a population of 2. It involves an anonymous poison-pen letter writer, who writes hurtful, venomous things to the other inhabitants of the village. Stranger still, their bodies had been found three months later.

writing a mystery novel plot generator

The audience needs to learn and think alongside the investigator. A man on death row holds the key to saving the world. I glanced around the room to see what he had been talking about. A robot falls in love with his creator—but his maker tries to destroy him.

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The reader knows that by the end of the book, questions will have been answered, which is a comforting element in even the most gruesome murder mysteries. Maybe that scrap of cloth in the woods was left by a fleeing suspect, or maybe it was left by someone who suddenly remembered that the stove was still on at home. It certainly involves a ghost story of sorts. Give characters strong motivations to find solutions 6. Some have been done before. A young cop goes undercover and becomes part of an LA gang. Any competent investigator will be aware of possibilities like these and will take them into consideration, waiting to see what the rest of the findings point to before drawing any firm conclusions. To return to the Twin Peaks example, during his time in Twin Peaks, FBI Agent Dale Cooper befriends locals, promises to help a teen who become infatuated with him, and is generally sucked into the extramural activities of the town e. Ready to develop your own mystery of twists and turns? Its characters are so much fun, they elevate everything to a whole new level. The Internet is shut down for an entire year. And why did the perp do it that way? A disfigured child saves a whole town. You might also be interested in:. What are the criminals looking for?

It really takes a creative mind to incorporate chemistry and clever detection in the same book.

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Better Mystery Plots: 7 Clues to Writing Mysteries