Wonder of science essay in simple words

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Disadvantages of Science Science has made some inventions that have proved to be destructive for the humankind. Similarly, from invention of needle, scissors, and sewing machine to the invention of heavy industrial machinery has done wonders in the industrial field. The world has shrunk. Entertainment: The radio was the first ever means of serious entertainment that science gave to us. Had it not been this invention, we would still have been living in forests no different from other animals. Science has been in existence since the oldest times in history. Fred Hoyle, the Kalinga Science Prize laureate, made the following statements: A philosopher writes about the world without bothering to look at it, and again, philosophers, had not made any serious contribution to human development.

The computers and smartphones have made a paradigm shift in the lives of human beings. The below is the list of few wonders of science and its uses: i.

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Allah and the soul are being treated as mathematical equations. There are many wonders of science such as electricity, television, computer etc. Food — The food we eat goes through a chemical reaction inside our body which gives us the energy to sustain the whole day.

Electric machines have largely supplanted manual and are producing better necessities of life in great abundance and at a much lower cost of production.

Wonder of science essay in simple words

Essay on Wonders of Science Essay 5 — Words The rational power of humans has opened them to the mysteries of the world. The world has gone through a constant revolution in this respect as each day there is a promise of new technology in the transport industry. It has transformed each arena of life by making impossible work possible. Now the famines break out very rarely. Scientific innovations are being made in order to better the lives of human beings and to enable progress in the development of the world. We can contact them from any part of the world. We perceive the presence of science from our waking till sleeping. The household appliance we use, be it the refrigerator or the washing machine all are based on concepts of science.

The observation of our surrounding, our constant thirst to know about things and invent new ones according to our needs has what led to a completely innovative field in the name of science.

Science has also helped us in understanding better things and to follow better eating habits to maintain good health condition.

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Modern scientific inventions and technologies have made our life easy and comfortable. Science is nothing but a systematic way of knowledge and living.

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Essay on Wonders of Science: 9 Selected Essays on Wonders of Science