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Wind turbines leave a smaller footprint on land compared to the majority of other energy sources including solar, nuclear and coal. Even though it is cheap, it is not renewable hence not an ideal source of energy. Due to growing importance of wind energy, the rapid development of wind energy technology has a large involvement of people and institutions. Due to the fact that South Dakota with its great plains are an ideal site for wind farms since the plains have smooth hill tops that can catch the prevailing winds. Early recorded history shows that people used this form of energy to propel their boats since 5, B. Studies have estimated the number of annual avian fatalities by U. That is Geothermal Energy.

Recently a study was conducted to determine the amount of time it would take for a new wind turbine, with an average lifecycle of about twenty years, to defray or offer net benefits greater than the impact it would cost to build them Inderscience Publishers, Your time is important. Its turbines start to turn at a speed of 3 metres per second.

The major renewable energy are wind energy, solar energy, and other clean energy from the nature.

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Talking on national level fossil fuel consumption in Pakistan has fairly increased in the past twenty years. I myself have heard first hand from community members and land owners just how much they do not want to see these wind turbines to go up on their land or in their town because of the effect they will have on livestock and property value In a Vermont poll, wind energy has the support of 66 percent of Vermonters.

Countries like Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom are investing billions of dollars into wind energy, including off shore wind farms Fossil fuel energy consumption of Pakistan increased from Good wind sites are often located in remote locations, far from cities where the electricity is needed.

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