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Best for: Fans of psychological horror movies with a supernatural element and Bruce Willis. Fortunately, it managed to do just about everything perfectly, packing plenty of spine-tingling scenes into its near two—hour runtime.

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The story quickly takes focus, and as the creepy details start to add up, the film becomes one of the most disturbing—and, at times, hilarious—modern horror flicks.

Everyone in this world is mentally ill, only the level is different. What more do you need? I hope that after the initial wave, even the hard-core fans will find the film compelling. You only get one chance to experience M. Best for: Fans of vampires—the real ones, not the sparkly ones.

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I loved it; that sets the tone immediately. We were led to this concept of a Craigslist adventure gone awry. But horror is so much more than blood and guts. Still, anyone who calls themselves a horror fan has to see the original at least once. It focuses on a young girl whose bizarre habits contribute to the sinister atmosphere. Be prepared to watch it a few times; the numerous allusions to other horror films are half the fun. Public officials responded to the prankster on social media. To audiences, nothing was particularly shocking about characters like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers; they behaved in predictable ways, slicing through the same basic cast of idiotic teenagers in every single film. Not much, as it turns out. Bruce Campbell hams it up, using his excellent skills as a physical actor to deliver a truly memorable performance. The film is really feeding on those fears.

Jokes aside, The Fly has tremendous special effects, but it really works because Goldblum portrays an earnest, likable protagonist. Best for: Fans of werewolves looking for something different or anyone who thinks that puberty is its own horror story.

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Watching horror movies or ridding roller coasters may be the good way to let our frustration out through our imagination, rather than any physical action. Creep is different. Invasion of the Body Snatchers Donald Sutherland stars in this remake of a alien invasion movie.

All wonderful explorations of what horror can be, when filmmakers respect the genre enough to do more than grab the lowest hanging fruit it has to offer. Unquestionably a horror film, right?

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There's A Scientific Reason Why You Hate Scary Movies