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When planning a window display consider the building facade, a street people and their perceptions, colour harmony, lighting and viewing angles.

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It should contain the more national brands to attract customers. Whether you're revamping your retail displays or creating new ones, use these five strategies to help you achieve more impactful and memorable visual merchandising. Drastically changing the proportion and the colour and texture can work wonders in attracting attention to display.

The main reason of growth of apparel industry in spite of country being hit by recession are changing of fashion trendsrise of urbanizationgrowth of consumer class who understands fashion etc.

You probably have a solid grey or brown couch, but there is a "pop" of color from the throw pillows you place on the edges.

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Creative Displays While individual creativity and artistic flair play a major role in merchandise displays, here are some main principles that you should consider:? This is why it is critical to have a properly designed display.

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5 Most Important Elements of Visual Merchandising