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This gag-inducing mix, she explains, is her dinner; she is on an all-liquid diet these days. After the two got together, Valeria's metamorphosis picked up pace. The eyes, the staring eyes, are the scariest. The Western media were quick to dub her the "Human Barbie," but Valeria was hardly the first Homo sapiens to willingly make herself look like a doll—she wasn't even the first to earn the moniker: Some tabloid-damaged Brit laid claim to it a few years back. I don't quite know where to go from there, so I ask about her nails, which feature a complicated pointillist design of pink, lavender, and turquoise. The ticket taker watches them from her booth, transfixed. I instantly understand why Valeria insists on having her around. How did she achieve the doll-like appearance? Kamasutra being an Indian restaurant, there are the usual three chutneys on the table—mint, tamarind, and chile. Where do all these beliefs stem from? She pulls her cashmere sweater's sleeve farther up, baring an elbow.

Seats list and rumble in time with the action, and whenever possible a water mist spritzes you from below the screen. Valeria is only about 60 percent Barbie today; it even takes me a second to pick her out among the clientele.

He believed she was a psychic and should work in the field.

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I walk into what turns out to be an ordinary white-walled space and find Valeria seated between a morose fifty-something lady and a chestnut-haired teen, both getting traditional French nails in our own three dimensions.

She preferred to call herself Amatue, a name she claimed had appeared to her in a dream. Barbie at the Psychiatrist The spiraling images and dizziness made Lukyanova question her sanity, so she sought the help of a psychiatrist who could tend to the voices in her head and the unusual visions.

While the critics would view it as some crazy people singing Kumbaya around a fire, it gave her comfort and she felt like she had a purpose. On her Valentine's Day schedule: a salon called Angel of a Genius, to freshen up those fractal nail patterns from the twenty-first dimension, which will take about three hours, then the gym for a couple of hours of hydrotherapy i.

Dolling Up Lukyanova knew she was beautiful, but she was far from satisfied. Earlier in the year, the duo visited the States to gauge the level of showbiz interest; the visit itself was reported by everyone from V Magazine to Gawker, and Valeria enjoyed a nice feud with America's own "Human Ken," Justin Jedlica, but none of it generated any Hollywood offers.

The city fizzes with sex, but not in the fun way of, say, Barcelona or even Moscow. She was dismissed from a school choir for standing bolt upright when the singers were instructed to sway; in different circumstances, this budding nonconformism could have brought her straight into Pussy Riot.

She popularly goes by the name Human Barbie due to her resemblance with the doll.

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He loves and supports me. Seats list and rumble in time with the action, and whenever possible a water mist spritzes you from below the screen. Then she smiles the studied Barbie smile, and it's gone. While most young girls enjoy creating fantasy worlds with this pristine doll, others like Valeria Lukyanova hold onto these ideals to an alarming extent later in life; even going as far as transforming into a human Barbie. Michael Idov is the editor-in-chief of GQ Russia. The breast implants, the only surgery she will cop to, appeared in the photos soon after. Then people started to notice the first slight changes in her appearance. She has also teamed up with a group of talented composers to put together a new age opera focusing on soft melodies that reflect the natural sounds of the universe. Most of the Amatue videos were intended to be some sort of transcendental self-help lectures. Odessa girls—often beautiful, often model beautiful—don't just dress to impress. Why waste myself on this?

The problem with these claims was that her idea of diets and exercise routines was worlds apart from the norm. Lukyanova also downright denied the claims calling them malicious and proclaimed there was nothing plastic about her.

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