Toyotas management changed its strategy toward supply chain management essay

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First the Toyota Way is engraved within the psyche of its employees and stakeholders. In order to gain an edge, companies should focus on these activities to improve or create products that will satisfy their customers Produce fuel-efficient, higher quality and smaller automobiles that can attract the consumers in developing and poor countries.

Having a diverse supplier base enables it to contribute to the economic well being of all its segments.

Toyotas management changed its strategy toward supply chain management essay

Progress is regularly evaluated in terms of organization, effort and achievement and the assessment is communicated to the supplier. Supply chain management: supply chain is the integration of these activities through improved supply chain relationships, to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Not only this, but emerging countries, that are keen to develop an auto sector are putting political pressure on Toyota, so as to protect it and develop it.

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It was the opportunity for all partners to grow the business together and mutually benefit in the long term. There are many frameworks in enabling us to understand and analyse how a global supply chain is managed, maintained and operates.

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Nevertheless, Ryanair still manages to add significant value in a few activities which attract millions of customers each year Ryanair, a. It is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world along with General Motors and Ford, and enjoys all of the benefits that come with size, such as economies of scale and risk of failure being spread over several product and geographical markets. I have recommended following strategies to tackle the issue and improve supply chain. I have also compared the strategies of Toyota and Volkswagen. Stopping the chain production facilitates the identification of problems and avoids defects down the line. Economies of scale allow dramatic reductions in operating costs as well as specialized staff knowledge. If the automotive industry was on the verge of an upturn and guaranteed increases in capacity were required and increases sales were likely then such capital expenditure would not pose such potential risks. Information Technology for managing Supply Chain Information technology has helped Toyota by supporting and enabling business processes. During the development of the management science and technology, during s to s, logistics had more functions, includes the inbound and outbound logistic which separately support manufacturing, with materials management and marketing with physical distribution Coyle, Langley, Novack Information Technology: Information technology has provided various systems that help in supply chain management. The advantages that Toyota acquires of its supplier strategies include the inventory that Toyota receives JIT from its suppliers. The Toyota philosophy is often called as the Toyota Production System.

In this modern automotive trend the manufacturers work a lot to develop their product by developing their existing supply base and by developing the new supply bases.

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Toyota's management: changed its strategy toward supply chain management Essay Example