The main goal of statistical research psychology essay

Authored by: Lumen Learning. The standard deviations tell us that most of the creativity scores are within about 5 points of the mean score in each group.

Sign up to get these answers, and more, delivered straight to your inbox. Even though a published study may reveal statistically significant results, there is still a possibility that those results were random. One strategy here would be to use the median and other statistics that are not strongly affected by the outliers.

Also, including his or her reaction time would have a large impact on the mean and standard deviation for the sample. In any case, each replication serves to provide more evidence to support the original research findings.

After all, psychology is the science of the mind and behavior, so what does math have to do with it? As a psychology major, you will need to take math classes that fulfill your school's general education requirements as well as additional statistics requirements to fulfill your program's core requirements.

basic statistical concepts in psychology

So then the question is, is it possible that an unlucky random assignment is responsible for the observed difference in creativity scores between the groups?

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Inferential Statistics