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Jeanette Walls goes through many descriptions. Is the choice to become homeless one of its expressions? Because shame once inhibited her from sharing her story, she begins by describing that which gave her the courage to write it down. What is more important for their development? Would it be better for Jeannette and siblings to live in foster care? Do you agree that the basic purpose of this work is to honor her parents? Jeannette Walls, the author of The Glass Castle, explain her struggles. How does he describe her parents?

The ideals of a mighty foundation can be seen in the structure of a family. Is it good that she never gives up this dream? This tension between impossible dream and everyday reality where it is unlikely that such a castle will be built typifies the upbringing Jeannette had. Why is this book titled The Glass Castle?

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Should they be granted more rights? The premise of an autobiography is that it is a life story of the author. Jeannette is faced with numerous barriers throughout her life. Since a memoir is a non-fictional story, the element of non-fiction and truth is the most important. For much of the work, Jeannette and her family live in conditions characteristic of poverty. Was it in their best interest to grow up with these parents? Although Lori and Brian differ from Jeannette in their early loss of hope in Rex.

The parents are more quixotic and, therefore, less easy to quantify. They went hungry, had no electricity, or even indoor plumbing, so this proposes the question can poverty be caused by more than just low income?

The Glass Castle stuck with her throughout her childhood, and the idea, that was never fulfilled, was first introduced to her by her father when she was a very young age. She survives by finding foods from the trash can and earns money by babysitting, exchanging scrap metal, finding jobs, and from her parents.

The glass castle was an exciting book with a very unique and adventure seeking family. Consider the title and explain how representative it is of the work as a whole.

Do you think that this title is characterized by the need of Rex Walls to create a life full of adventures and fantasy for the family without any practicality and stability?

This paper evaluates the Walls family as they interact with each other and their community.

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Instead, she prefers to follow a mainly linear path from childhood to adulthood. The Glass Castle, a memoir written by Jeannette Walls, tells the story of perseverance and the power siblings have to make it through the seemingly impossible in order to succeed.

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