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In order to perform cost-benefit analysis, all costs and benefits must be expressed in the common measure.

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It weights between and pounds depending on the materials it is constructed of. When we consider the case from other directions and other ethical viewpoints, however, it makes it clear that often ethics are a matter of perspective and philosophy. Money creates pleasure for some, and pain for others.

The defect should have been corrected after the first year of production, however, since it was not the entire dilemma was a terrible business decision De George, R. Ford saw his first car when he was We will gain more money in the future by having more business versus people not wanting to do business with us due to lawsuits concerning the risks of the Ford Pinto.

The dilemmas that an organization can see are both issues that can be caused by internal or external factors. DeGeorge, Business Ethics p.

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The competition of small cars was emerging and American consumers were very interested in this market.

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