Shoji screen paper

It's resistant to water and weather, and can be used in place of glass. Haru Warlon has the appearance of Warlon paper but is a sticky-backed acrylic film for application to glass. It's even harder to describe basically all white paper. You have to hold a piece of paper to the light really to get the feel.

how to make shoji paper

Cut off excess paper with a sharp paper knife or veneer knife. This list will help you choose. These rollers run captive in an aluminum track and cannot jump off the track or become jammed.

When the shoji need to travel a greater distance than just their width, we use a wood floor track with a small inlaid aluminum channel. Excess glue may be used for the same purposes as any other paper glue.

If you intend to varnish the shoji frame before gluing the paper avoid any contamination of the glue surface by masking with a tape. You are in the right place!!

Also if it's a window treatment or a fixed panel that is backed by a wall, not too many things should run through it. Cedar can be used for outdoor applications as well.

These are carefully hand-inlaid into the shoji frame, not attached to the surface.

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