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We became curious to know the origin of that sound. The gambler told him that his son - Gunanidhu had lost it to him, in the gamble. We also saw the divine beauty of Maheshwar.

As a result of this, Kailash mountain, and all the seven worlds came into existence.

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By the blessings of lord Shiva, he became the king of Alkapuri and was known as Kubera. He influenced me to such an extent that I forgot that Snadhya was my daughter and got infatuated by her. Yagyadutt married Gunanidhi with a girl belonging to a well to do family. As his mind was engrossed in such kind of thoughts. After that I created my five Manasputras- Sanak, Sanadan etc. There was no beginning and end to this mantra OM. The Shivaganas also informed the Yamadutas that, in his next birth Gunamidhi would become the king of Kalinga. He was named as Dama. By her tremendous penance she again got lord Shiva as her husband. Lord Brahma then went to Brahmaloka. I have tried to the best of my ability to render a literal translation of the verses without any insertion of my own. Similarly twenty-four daughters were born to Daksha and Prasuti. Suddenly I heard a voice which instructed me to do penance. His beauty and qualities were incomparable. After that, he should finish his daily routing work and perform rituals like 'Sandhya' and Vandana etc.

Rudra then reached the place where Kubera was doing penance. After being blessed by Shiva, Gunanidhi also made salutations to Parvati.

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Brahmaji revealed to Narad how the process of creation commenced- "After Lord Shiva vanished from our sight, I transformed myself into the appearance of a swan and Vishnuji transformed his appearance into that of a boar with the purpose of commencing the process of creation.

I remembered lord Vishnu and he tried to make me understand about the futility of my attempts, as according to him VishnuRudra was beyond the reach of any human emotions. Despite of Rudra's disinclination to allow Sati to go to her father's yagya, She insisted and ultimately she was successful in convincing Rudra, to allow her to go.

Rudra requested me to create the mortals and then he vanished. But I also became jealous of Rudra.

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All the deities became afraid and prayed to Rudra, to have mercy. Due to his shame, Brahmaji perspired profusely. I felt ashamed. After being blessed by Shiva, Gunanidhi also made salutations to Parvati. After that the static living things were created, which symbolized the dark quality Tamogun. His father - Yagyadutt was unaware of his evil activities. The letter A signifies creation, U Signifies nurturement and M signifies salvation. He preached us the contents of Veda.

Is this the same Lord Shiva who lived on mount Kailas together with his wife Parbati and sons Kartikeya and the Elephant-headed god Ganesh?

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Shiv Puran by Mahendra Mittal