Selecting the right candidate for a job

As the old adage states: hire in haste and repent at your leisure. Find her on Twitter and Facebook. And then there is Kate.

How to spot a good candidate at interview

No candidate has exactly the right skills for the job or is perfectly qualified. Another good idea would be to get other people involved in the hiring process. Anchor yourself to the hiring criteria The hiring criteria that you establish from the beginning should serve as your strict guide throughout the evaluation process. The wrong person can turn out to be lazy and unmotivated, unqualified, or they can influence the atmosphere in the workplace in a bad way! Pay Attention to the Questions They Ask All great candidates should have questions about the job, your company, and the culture. Her business is fast-paced and she needs to get stuff out the door fast. Make sure these assets are obvious within the job advertisement. Are they good resource managers? Within 30 days of hire, we were terminating the candidate for poor performance. She will allow them to ask questions but makes it clear that the quantity and quality of questions will form part of the assessment. If they received a tour of the office, what was the first impression from those whom briefly met the candidate? The dynamics will be different if all the attendees at the lunch are senior to the candidate. How do they interact with the waiting staff?

Make The Interview Fun To Let Candidates Be Themselves Interviews are just as much about gauging a potential hire's cultural fit as it is their technical fit and ability. Look for a career-oriented person One of the more subtle aspects you need to consider when hiring a new employee is their commitment towards developing their own career and growing as a professional.

torn between two job candidates

Here are five ideas to get you started. You are much more likely to get accurate info about cultural fit and ability when the candidate is comfortable. Are the questions insightful?

Cast a wide net and pay careful attention to discrepancies.

Reasons for selecting a candidate for a job

However, what you can do is check out their social media presence across all major platforms. Are they able to listen, synthesize and ask thoughtful questions about the heart of your business? That should help you paint a complete picture of every candidate you interview. You can gain meaningful information about their level of interest, the way they diagnose problems, how they process data, and more. This ability to see patterns in swaths of information and data needs to be something you hire for, from the front desk receptionist, to the regional sales manager, to IT security. Look for the candidate who can easily describe three failures, and what they learned from them. Do I qualify? Are they enthusiastic about people and relationships? There may be candidates in play at this stage. So does chemistry and candidate fit. Because the wrong person could put a significant dent in your revenue, it's essential to make the right choice from the start.

The best way to avoid this pitfall is to keep your focus on the hiring criteria, no matter what. Use these 9 tips to help you evaluate candidates during the interview process: 1. Do they ask great questions? Personality is important. Private English teacher and desperate dreamer.

Besides experience and skills, look for an ability to adapt and embrace uncertainty, as well as an innate curiosity and desire to learn.

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Council Post: Nine Hiring Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Candidate