Scsi write and verify

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Go back to the same directory and review the results to see if you can determine the reason for the test failure. The default value is 0 i.

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The data to be written is read from the IF file or, in its absence, a buffer full of 0xff bytes is used. Restart the Windows HLK test computer.

Basic scsi commands

The options are arranged in alphabetical order based on the long option name. Description: Checking to see if Version Descriptors are compliant. Checking if we can retrieve standard inquiry data. Each command starts at the next logical block address and is for no more than NUM blocks. SCSI commands are sent in a command descriptor block CDB , which consists of a one byte operation code opcode followed by five or more bytes containing command-specific parameters. Since 11 logical blocks are read then first 8 logical blocks are copied followed by a copy of the remaining 3 blocks. The default value is zero.

The length of the data-out buffer sent with the command is ILEN bytes or, if that is not given, then it is the length of the IF file. Values between 0 and 3 inclusive are accepted.

This test sends two READ commands reading two different but overlapped blocks of data.

scsi cdb error

If BC is 1 then that data-out buffer will be held until after the verify operation and compared to the data read back from the medium.

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Ubuntu Manpage: sg_write_and_verify