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He also has a keen interest in education, especially in project management. Farabirazy Albiruni is responsible for developing Chapter educational programs, including PMP certification preparation and other project management training, developing relationships with local colleges and universities, serving as liaison to the PMI Educational Foundation, and identifying other educational opportunities in accordance with the purposes of the Chapter and its Constitution and Bylaws and subject to the approval of the majority of the Chapter Board of Directors.

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I am passionate about helping others attain their goals through sharing my knowledge and experiences. With the steady growth of membership and the membership 10K Challenge byit is essential we provide the best leaders and leadership development program available to continue this momentum.

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Ensure the availability and quality of health care. According to the program, the strategic goal of the party is to build in Russia a "renewed socialism, socialism of the 21st century". Recent publications Alonso, S. Increase funding for science and scientists to provide decent wages and all the necessary research. Achieving this goal will help eliminate the devastation from the standpoint of the party, the consequences conducted in the past decade of reforms, in particular by the nationalization of property privatized in the s. Both experiences have afforded me the opportunity to develop empathy, creativity and courage; which in turn, helps me understand and appreciate vital aspects of working with others on all levels. She has experiences more than 12 years in construction project management. He is a Director of PT. Farabirazy has master degree of Mechanical Engineering from University of Indonesia. The party has also a newspaper named Sovetskaya Rossiya Soviet Russia.

Many parties to choose from Currently, he is working at Avenew Indonesia as principal consultant and trainer in project management. Recent publications Alonso, S.

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We need to develop a system whereby high potential individuals are identified, supported and cultivated. I continue to seek out education and mentors to excel at team building.

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Differences by region are striking. He is a Director of PT.

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