Revising dissertation to book

Chances are you'll need to update your research using the new articles and books that have appeared since you finished your dissertation.

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Is it unique? Stage 1: Pre-Revisions For me, this stage lasted exactly the summer before I began my tenure-track job.

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First, you need to clarify exactly what is required for tenure. Remember, too, that at most research-intensive institutions, your dossier will actually be submitted to external reviewers the summer after your 5th year on a 6-year tenure clock.

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Here are some guidelines to help you in this process. How does that differ from the structure of your thesis?

Thesis published as book

Peer reviews were a lightning fast 3 months. Work these ideas into your text and add them to your bibliography. My course load was a one semester of 4 courses. Luey, Beth, ed. So, I embargoed my dissertation for the maximum amount of time my university allowed. The answer depends on your institution, department, and academic press. However, the fact that my dissertation was on ProQuest was never something my publisher mentioned and was not an issue for my book at any point in the process. For more details on how long each stage takes and how you can use your time and energy most efficiently in each, consult my comprehensive guide on the stages between dissertation and book. I was able to complete the revisions in four months. Pare down the bibliography. Most dissertation to book authors get overly hung up on the potential correspondence between dissertation and book.

You will receive and review proofs, respond to queries, and suggest changes. You cannot control them, but they significantly affect your timeline.

From dissertation to book

To guard against an immediate rejection, you'll need to spend a lot of time rethinking and reworking your manuscript. The first step for you is to take a look at your topic. Once the manuscript is in its final form, you will have to complete the index in a relatively short time or hire someone to compile it. When should I approach presses about my book or submit proposals? I was able to complete the revisions in four months. To help with this revision, our editors have put together the following advice: How do I go about planning the revisions and when should I start? My acquisitions and series editors were immediately enthusiastic about the book. An Author's Guide to Scholarly Publishing. Copyediting was thorough and changes were implemented correctly, so that stage only took four months. The objective is not to convince your examiners that you have what it takes to complete a PhD, but to make sure the book is coherent and your conclusions are persuasive. Dissertations differ from books in several ways Dissertations are highly specialized, while books are geared to general readers. Add definitions of jargon, foreign terms, biographical and historical dates. Forget your committee. Now you can just box it up, send it to a publisher, and receive a book contract, right?
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My Dissertation to Book Timeline: How Long to Publish an Academic Book