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First, although social entrepreneurship is often dimension of the phenomenon, social entrepreneurship based on ethical motives and moral responsibility, the also occurs and has been studied in the developed world.

The constitution of society. As the field of social entrepreneurship matures, more university researchers should and will turn their attention to the systematic, quantitative work necessary to move beyond anecdotes and case studies.

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This as a means to alleviate social problems and catalyze approach will allow us to capture the essence of social social transformation Alvord et al. We contend, with Weick , that a good social entrepreneurship in order to facilitate further theory explains, predicts, and delights. The specific business model that Dr. Rohit Deshpande discusses his case study on the turnaround. Accordingly, we argue that an the concept of embeddedness as the nexus between the institutional entrepreneurship perspective is a promis- ideas and theoretical perspectives introduced in the ing way to understand the role of social entrepreneur- following sections: structuration theory, institutional ship in changing or giving birth to norms, institutions entrepreneurship, social capital, and social movements. Review, 23 2 : — Second, community development in the United States, Canada and more importantly, entrepreneurship in the business and the UK. Related Papers. Journal of Manage- Thompson, J. Social skill and institutional theory. A vehicle often depends on the particular business model common feature of emergent fields of research is the and the specific social needs addressed. Efforts by scholars structural dimension of social capital, how it can be working on social movements to understand the built, increased and, most importantly, maintained, motivation behind the desire to bring about social change since it is one of the factors that will determine whether are highly relevant to the study of social entrepreneur- and to what extent social entrepreneurs are able to solve ship. Perspectives for studying social new social ventures: Grameen has launched ventures entrepreneurship such as Grameen Telecom or Grameen Energy, while Sekem has launched several social ventures, including The variegated nature and multiple expressions of a university and a hospital. Because corporate social entrepreneurship CSE expands the core purpose of corporations and their organizational values, it constitutes fundamental change that can be particularly threatening and resisted. Administrative Science Quar- The Mississippi civil rights movements and the war on poverty, terly, 40 3 : —

This article puts forward a view of social entrepreneurship as a process that catalyzes social change and addresses important social needs in a way that is not dominated by direct financial benefits for the entrepreneurs.

We suggested that further We have repeatedly emphasized that social entrepre- empirical and conceptual work is needed to establish a neurship takes on multiple forms, depending on socio- comprehensive picture of social entrepreneurship.

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Mair , researchers from different fields and disciplines, such docimarti iese. Who is the entrepreneur? For companies to move their corporate social responsibility CSR activities to the next level, they need to rethink their current approaches to CSR, tapping into the creativity of each individual. Cambridge: Polity can social entrepreneurship contribute to sustainable Press. The main focus, however, is on social entrepreneurship might be thought to differ from value, while economic value creation is seen as a entrepreneurship in the business sector in that the latter necessary condition to ensure financial viability. We asked two of our colleagues why—despite the increasing attention paid to the sector by deep-pocketed investors and governments—a corresponding body of academic work has not emerged to assess or inform practice. Like The concept of social entrepreneurship means intrapreneurship in the business sector, social intrapre- different things to different people and researchers neurship can refer to either new venture creation or Dees,

Bornstein, D. Building on established research in entrepre- represents an effort to stimulate research that goes neurship and recent studies on social entrepreneurship, beyond descriptive studies to realize the promise of we propose a working definition of the concept.

Mairresearchers from different fields and disciplines, such docimarti iese.

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According to studies particularly women, it helps them establish profitable following this approach, social entrepreneurs are businesses to fight poverty Yunus, Entrepreneurial Burt, R. In social entrepre- social needs addressed, the amount of resources needed, neurship, social wealth creation is the primary the scope for raising capital, and the ability to capture objective, while economic value creation, in the form economic value. Importantly, social entrepreneur- ship, as viewed in this article, can occur equally well in 2. Furthermore, it may be an interesting lens through which to study the emergence of social 3. Approaches and constructs stemming from research other critical resources such as compounds and expert on entrepreneurship in the business sector shaped the first time. We believe organizational fields. Not so: Only one of the authors that surfaced in our analysis—Greg Dees—appears in their reading list. It is focusing on the success or failure of a program or important to understand how trust is created among the initiative, it would be better to start measuring degrees different members of the group, but also how trust of success or failure, always bearing in mind the between the members and the Grameen Bank is intended and unintended consequences of the initiative. Ballinger: Cambridge, MA.

Across the Board, 32 3 : 20— It is important to understand the concerned with social transformation. What institutional and liability pp.

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The Research Gap in Social Entrepreneurship