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These trends could be attributable to good quality sex education, contraceptive use and increase in abstinence amongst teens. Specifically, human sexuality as defined by Encarta , is The general term referring to various sexually related aspects of human life, including physical and psychological development, and behaviors, attitudes, and social customs associated with the individual's sense of gender, relationships, sexual activity, mate selection, and reproduction. In addition, it is claimed that the only way to stop this debilitating trend is to reduce risky behavior of the youth, that is, through sex education. Significance of each regression coefficient was tested using a z-test where the standard errors in the output of SPSS were adjusted by a factor of the square root of the mean square error for the regression model Hedges and Olkin, This is also gaining wide national support in some countries National Abstinence Education Association This review will also consider related review articles. However, not all research has found a positive correlation between sex education, positive attitudes, and safe sex behaviors. The richness of a meta-analytic approach appears limited by the quality of the primary research. Moreover, according to the Statement on Population Policy and Program of the Commission on Population as cited by Andres , one of the policies of the population program is to make family planning part of a broad education program oriented toward the harmonious development of the individual personality, the family, and the nation. The following search terms were used teen, Student no: 4 A literature review on the role of sex education in preventing teenage pregnancy teenage, adolescent, adolescence, pregnancy, health education, sex education and education. Unfortunately, most of the research in the area of sex education do not employ experimental or quasi-experimental designs and thus fall short of providing conclusive evidence of program effects.

It is this example that provides support for the need for consistent assessment of the nature and needs of sex education. The authors of these papers do not appear to have had any special affiliations that may interfere with the findings of their researches.

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The limited number of effect sizes precluded such analysis. It also calls for a look into the general ethos of the society, not just school ethos as suggested by Bonnell et al Arch Sex Behav.

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On the other hand, sex can also be referred to as the various sexual activities, including sexual intercourse or penetrative sex, oral sex and mutual stimulation. Although parental participation in interventions appeared to be associated with higher effect sizes in abstinent behavior, the link should be explored further since it is based on a very small number of studies.

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These authors recommend this measure since it does not overestimate the population effect size, especially in the case when sample sizes are small. Categorical tests assess differences in effect sizes between subgroups established by dividing studies into classes based on study characteristics.

Related literature about sex education

Efforts must be made to form proper and mature attitudes toward family life through a responsible program of sex education in the schools, and through the provision of marriage and family counseling services for adults p. Furthermore, the period in human lifespan during which the organs of sexual reproduction mature is called puberty. This period has something to do with the sexual awakening that comes with biological maturation. Important to sex education is the relevance and content of the subject matter. Perception, according to Babitski , is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. Until now, according still to McNileage a study was conducted and found out that most teachers of year five and six students are uncomfortable talking about the 18 reproductive system in sex education class. Therefore, at this point it is not possible to affirm that parental participation per se exerts a direct influence in the outcomes of sex education programs, although clearly this is a variable that merits further study. The education secretary also said that sex education is being integrated in different subjects in the basic education curriculum of the Philippines Malipot,
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Sex Education: Review of Related Literature