Paper qualification are better than experience

For example, some people are naturally comfortable with public speaking, while others are terrified to speak in front of others no matter how much they practice.

experience vs degree discrimination

And you can learn favourable life skills at uni, on the job or at home. They describe what you can bring to the company. Industry today is ever changing. I can I hope say I achieved this in positions I've been in. There is quicker assimilation into a company and practices and procedures can continue with little or no disruptions.

Examples of experience might be volunteering or working for Company A for five years. Theory is great, but practical experience gives you a true understanding of a companies mechanics. I am always quick to point out their lack of experience and consequent true salary expectations.

experience vs qualifications quotes

To people reading this I'm sure lots have achieved the same where others might not have been so lucky. A person is either born with them or gains them on the job - so experience important. Ask yourself what do I do in my life that I can give up for a year or 2 in order to free up space for said degree?

If you get the chance to enhance your skills through education, go for it — at the end of the day you have nothing to lose. Tweet Qualifications Vs Experience: what matters most? As one gets older experience becomes more beneficial.

qualifications and experience examples
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Qualifications Vs Experience: what matters most?