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However, because of the nature of practice nursing, there may be opportunities which have yet to be explored to encourage nurses who have moved to other jobs in the health sector, such as health education, sales of medical equipment and supplies or clinical research to return to practice nursing.

In the final level, the individual reaches a level of commitment that involves the development of health policies.

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The concept of decisional involvement was analyzed by Kowalik and Yoder. More than nurses from Uganda and neighbouring countries, many in uniform, joined the conference audience for the launch. Advantages: [6] Continuity of care is improved when staff members are consistently assigned to the same module The RN as team leader is able to be more involved in planning and coordinating care. Though I felt prepared to enter the rooms of the MPs, my insecurities of being a student were still present. Improved patient satisfaction. Education As noted earlier in this paper, development of clear educational pathways and support mechanisms has been recognised for some time overseas, and more recently in Australia, as essential in ensuring that practice nurses are able to continue to enhance the quality of care delivered in a general practice setting. Policy acumen is the ability to analyze policies, and when nurses acquire policy acumen, they can actively analyze organizational process and health care services. Advantages: 1. The University of New England, for example, has introduced a nurse leadership program which aims to develop the leadership skills of practice nurses to enable their effective involvement in the planning and delivery of primary care services and the development of their profession. Thus, this is a new and valuable concept for nurses. Retention and job satisfaction are related factors. This means it is not clear whether we can address consultation with nurses from operational levels of nursing care about health and nursing issues as influencing the policies or this is a concept that just addresses high levels of nursing management and leadership.

I can say my personal experience was one of excitement to offer evidence-informed policy solutions an area in which nursing is well versed to some of the complex health care problems of our times.

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Although Nassif loved being able to help patients, the workload and the devastation in her country were overwhelming. On the other hand, power is the inherent ability to influence others. An advocate should ensure that everything influencing decision makers for developing a plan has been understood and considered.

English language literature reports published between and were reviewed.

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