Nursing informatics essay

Why is it important to me? Moreover, it will have a great outcome if all nurses will be trained on how to use the information technology and study the applications that are needed in using and accessing the electronic health record of the patient.

Continued advancement of information and technology and its application to the nursing practice plays an important role and greatly affect each nurse especially those registered nurses who are more experienced, that is why this term paper seeks to present and discuss the role of informatics in clinical nursing practice.

In this field, information technology is used in healthcare to improve business. Nursing informatics: yesterday, today and tomorrow. The number of practical tools available on the internet increases each year which may result into information overload, unless the user knows how to retrieve and structure available tools.

Nursing informatics essay

The field of nursing informatics NI is still blossoming and with its scope continually evolving, it is in need of its own theory. The following competencies were rejected: diagnostic coding, desktop publishing, managing central facilities to enable data sharing and writing an original computer program Staggers et al. It is designed to support clinical nursing practice. It also includes the development of innovative and analytic techniques for scientific inquiry in nursing informatics and new data organizing methods and research designs with the aim of examining the impacts of computer technology on nursing, and the conducting of basic science research to support the theoretical development of informatics. With the impact informatics has on nursing, there are many changes coming, and I intend to play a role in the changes with my future as a nurse Keeping accurate electronic records on patients has become an important goal of our nation's health system. Informatics nursing mainly retrieves patient information in one electronic format and then manipulates or sends it to another nursing department. A majority of hospitals today have implemented informatics into nursing care in one form or another. As technology continues to integrate the healthcare field, each nurse needs to have a better understanding of what telenursing encompasses.

The following paragraphs will briefly discuss and elaborate on the eight learning outcomes listed in the syllabus. Health information was also given from the perspective of the clinician with little to no patient involvement in the process of health care.

Due to the fast development of technology, in order to effectively take advantage of information technology in nursing outcome and quality of health care and to empower nurses; educational arrangement is recommended to set short-term and long-term specialized courses focusing on four target groups: studying, working, graduate, senior undergraduate, and graduate doctoral.

Some components of accepted competencies are shown below in brief. Computerized systems allow quicker and more accurate charting or record keeping.

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We will also look at the impact technology has on nursing, patients, and colleagues. It influences the life style and the prevention of diseases such as cancer, HIV and chronic diseases. Patient outcome measures. With healthcare needs also steadily increasing, it is necessary to compile and retrieve patient information in an efficient manner.

importance of nursing informatics
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Essay on Nursing Informatics