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What they are looking for is whether you develop a sustained and logical argument, supported by factual evidence and LCMRs. Furthermore, you must not keep your conclusion for the end in an attempt to surprise the reader; paradoxically, your conclusion must be stated in the beginning.

Hsc legal studies exam structure

I recommend spending more time on the essays than you would be expected to, based on the marks. Use evidence This is when every single piece of evidence you tried to cram into your brain last night comes to good use. For example, in the practice essay, you would dedicate one paragraph to divorce, domestic violence and child abuse. Related posts:. By studying these, the content came naturally! E — Explain: explain your point with facts. Whatever you think best.

Three essays, a short answer section, and a multiple choice, is a LOT. Same is true for the essays; make sure you include everything they want.

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Try and do as many sample questions as possible, and even more importantly, get them marked! Pick a handful of cases to understand, analyse and criticise.

how to cram for legal studies

Why are you taking this stance? Pick the essay you feel most confident writing for the electives. Do you have any tips for doing well? The bottom line is: essays usually hover around words for Crime and for the marker essays. To learn content, the best thing is to use the syllabus.

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HSC Legal Studies Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions