International mother language day

For example, inthe Indian government released digital learning materials for schools and colleges in the 22 most widely spoken Indian languages.

They also: purchase glass bangles for themselves or female relatives; eat a festive meal and organize parties; and award prizes or host literary competitions. Replicas of the Shaheed Minar have been constructed worldwide where people from Bangladesh have settled, particularly in London and Oldham in the United Kingdom.

Multilingual and multicultural societies exist through their languages which transmit and preserve traditional knowledge and cultures in a sustainable way. It is a global observance but not a public holiday in other parts of the world.

If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. Do you have a favorite proverb in your mother tongue? The proverbs will be compiled, and the most appropriate ones will be selected to be published on our website and other digital communication tools.

International Mother Language Day, on 21 February, is a day to celebrate and protect all the languages of the world. And this is what International Mother Language Day is all about.

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Then read the article and do the exercises. The third version of the Shaheed Minar was built to similar plans as the second version. The government outlawed the protests but on February 21,students at the University of Dhaka and other activists organized a protest. The unrest continued as Bengali speakers campaigned for the right to use their mother language.

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