Indian spice industry

Trend in production of spices in India gives a positive signal as area, production and productivity of spices are increasing every year.

Export highlights and key markets Total spices export from India stood at 1. Due to high demand from European country and rest of the world, the export of Indian spices is also showing a positive trend.

Between Apr-Oct India has maintained the charm of its spices for decades and experts predict that despite economic slowdown in some countries, India will continue to be one of the top producers of spices for many years to come.

The new marketing initiative such as future trading in spices has also proven a remarkable success in spice marketing. Conclusion India still has maintained the charm of its spices. In all the years, the major contributor to the export earnings of spices, pepper and chilli accounts for major chunk.

Sugandha Bhavan. Also, great emphasis has been given to organic spice farming. It provides quality control and certification, registers exporters, documents trade information and provides inputs to the central government on policy matters.

The varying climatic conditions in India provide ample scope for the cultivation of a variety of spices.

blended spices market in india
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Indian Spices Industry: List of Top Spices, Chilli, Cumin, Pepper, Turmeric…