Impact of information technology on nigeria banks

The banking industry in Nigeria has witness tremendous changes linked with the development in information technology over the year.

The impact of information and communication technology on the performance of nigerian banks

Banks today seems to be mainly interested in the dividend declared and profit to be made, thereby losing sight of the critical and more important areas like making transaction equipments work to standard, providing security to investors fund so as to win more investors to the company and intern make huge profit. To examine the modes by which commercial banks can improve on their service delivery in order to attract depositor's funds. These dreams have remained largely unfulfilled. Electronic banking has facilitated the integration of the functions of some large banks that have several branches around the country on centralized network so that transaction can be carried out at any branch on the network without the customer being physically present in the branch Woherem 1. The resulting frustrations have emerged as unprecedented unrest and acute technological problems. Archit from Vips said "Great work and very value for money, i would recommend this for any project work ". The work of front office teller cashier is at minimal ATM Banks are able to serve customers outside the banking hall 24 hours on daily basis. Secondly, we have provided our Bank Account on this site.

Do you think bank management in Nigeria is doing enough to improve information technology in the industry? These affect the growth of the banking industry in Nigeria positively because customers can now collect money form any branches of their bank. These dreams have remained largely unfulfilled.

Funds transfer will be faster, more accurate and cheaper in charges. Some of the services available on the net include e-mail, bulletin boards, electronic journal, mailing lists and many more. Micro soft Encarta The deregulation of the banking sector in Nigeria in brought far-reaching transformation through computerization and improved bank service delivery.

Computer: A computer is a programmable, multi-purpose use machine that accepts data raw facts and figures and processes or manipulates it into information that we can understand and utilize Microsoft Encarta The all states bank head office having realized the existence in the competitive economy depends on the level of information technology adopt it protectively.

Internet: Internet is also known as the net is a massive connection of networks linking millions of computers via protocols, hardware and communication channels.

It would as well contribute to existing literature by identifying the major barriers to the adoption of this innovation on banking operation in Nigeria and suggest how to address them.

the impact of information technology on banking operations in nigeria

Those who have access to the internet can send messages to other internet connected people at any part of the world within the twinkle of an eye. The Brass micro finance bank is used a It is highly disheartening to observe that, some among many undertaken are not working to standard thereby causing more harm than good to shareholders, potential investors among other users.

impact of ict on banking
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Impact Of Information Technology In Banking Industry