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The embassy finds Achilles playing the lyre in his tent with his dear friend Patroclus. Fighting then breaks out as both sides try to lay claim to the body and armor. Thetis goes to Mount Olympus and persuades the god Hephaestus to forge Achilles a new suit of armor, which she presents to him the next morning.

While it is the abduction of his wife, Helen, by the Trojan prince Paris that sparks the Trojan War, Menelaus proves quieter, less imposing, and less arrogant than Agamemnon. Instead, it scrutinizes the origins and the end of this wrath, thus narrowing the scope of the poem from a larger conflict between warring peoples to a smaller one between warring individuals.

Achilles stands poised to draw his sword and kill the Achaean commander when the goddess Athena, sent by Hera, the queen of the gods, appears to him and checks his anger.

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Achilleus grants Patroklos's request, and even lets him wear his armor. Many people believe no such person ever existed, and that "Homer" is a pseudonym uniting the works of many authors from various time periods. Wallace, David. A truce is declared while the Trojans bury Hector.

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Under immense pressure, the elderly Achaean captain Nestor proposes that an embassy be sent to Achilles in order to convince him to return to battle. Although the Trojan War as a whole figures prominently in the work, this larger conflict ultimately provides the text with background rather than subject matter.

Nestor urges perseverance as well, and suggests reconciliation with Achilles. Nestor suggests sending a spy to infiltrate the Trojan ranks, and Diomedes quickly volunteers for the role.

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