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The Wee family business is already three generations strong, which means they have to confront issues around transition, professional management and dividend policies head on.

There are around 3, offices in 66 countries and territories.

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Don't miss out — stay on top of all the latest trends transforming the banking industry today! Churchill famously said about democracy that it was the worst system except for all the others. The Focus: That sounds like change at all levels… Green: Not least at the level of individuals — when you think about the implications for how you determine what kind of skills you need to compete in modern life or what kind of career you can expect to follow.

Then tell the interviewer what you are currently doing which in turn will also benefit you and the bank. Essentially, this is how the employers find out your true colors.

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Green: I certainly do. Progressive — We are committed to continuous improvement in quality, effectiveness and efficiency through team work. I gained lots of customer service experience. They actually want a sense of reward that is not monetary out of doing their job.

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Its reputation grew as it began providing financial support and loans to Asian countries, and by the early twentieth century it was the foremost financial institution in the East.

The bank has emerged relatively unscathed from the global financial crisis without having to accept government bailouts.

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