How to write a postcard ks1 maths

How to write a postcard ks1 maths

The same lesson was used later in the week with Willow class whose adventure was all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. When using Imagineering in writing the children can fully immerse themselves in the writing, allowing them to feel a purpose in what they are producing. Show your child that you write for all sorts of reasons. Curriculum links: Science, Design and Technology Resources available: Teaching notes, links to related programmes Activity 4. We will design kites for our trip to the seaside. The School. The school have also taken advantage of the Government match-funding programme to purchase a range of resources for Phonics teaching and learning.

Learn about health and nutrition and also about how astronauts make and consume food when in space. Show your child that you write for all sorts of reasons.

Activity 2. They too had to try and crack the codes just like the teachers.

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Science : We will be exploring plants and humans and what they need to grow and survive. Staff also follow objective-led planning in order to identify and build on children's knowledge, skills and understanding. Activity 5. Art As Artists, we will look at the work of Van Gogh as well as exploring how to communicate our ideas about what we are learning in other subject areas through drawing, digital media and sculpture. As always we will explore many stories and quality texts for Year 2 pupils. Physical active learning is an approach used at Westwood as a method to motivate children and enhance their learning experience. There are many websites to help practice skills: Topmarks homework help, Teachingtime, teaching measures and also the booster packs and games on My Maths. All the teachers went onto the field and saw a mysterious sight: an outline of a longboat, various weapons, remains of a warrior, messages in runes and an old diary.

Curriculum links: Science, English Resources available: Teaching notes, extension activities Activity 6. We will write letters and postcards. Students will learn about their own bodies and the impact that a low-gravity environment will have on the human body.

Example postcards

The children excelled themselves! PSHCE: Our focus this term will be around building our resilience, being able to support ourselves and each other. We will also compare towns, cities and the seaside. We do this through the use of outdoor learning, where writing hooks or ideas take place outdoors. Referring to the information in Activity 3. As part of our transition programme, Mrs Thorp visits children in their existing settings before the children attend a number of transition days in school during the summer term. Activity 1. We will listen to pieces of music linked to our study of Liverpool. Hot seat John Patrick. This is to maintain the work undertaken in September and December by Phonics Adviser Victoria Marshall, which included workshops and further training for parents and staff. Homework Children should read to an adult or older sibling every night where possible. Here's some tips - mathematics is an important part of everyday life and there are lots of ways you can make it fun for your child.

This gives the children rich and varied lessons that provide them with opportunities to immerse themselves in what they are writing.

Here's a tip - be a great role model. This chapter explores the ISS as a unique place where different cultures come together to advance scientific knowledge for everyone.

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With digital and multimedia resources provided, students will research the types of spacesuits astronauts need, and the features they include, then they will design their own suit. French This term we are going to learn the names of fruits and how to express likes and dislikes about them. They might be books your child wants to read but are a bit hard - you can help by reading a page to them, then helping them read the next one Play card and board games together — the more challenging the better.

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