How to write a lost report letter

How to write a letter to police station for lost wallet

Now I would like you to officially record the incidence of my lost ID card so that I can collect a copy and apply for a new one. Mail Your Letter Mail your packing list letter and the details of your search to the airport, hotel or other locations you passed through. The ground staff at the Gatwick lost luggage counter, where I spoke with a Mr. I respectfully state that on 21st December, I went to the local stadium to enjoy a music concert and had been there from 4. I immediately notified the occurrence to the university dean and he suggested me to report it to the police station and have a copy of the report to apply for a new ID card. Contact the Airline Most airlines answer questions about lost property faster if you contact them via social media. Include any pertinent information in your letter. Add a line to your letter detailing the steps you took to recover your lost possessions. Next, you will write the recipient's full name and title, if you know it. I wrote my name and address on the back in black Sharpie. I must have missed it during the concert.

Check with skycaps, bellhops and traffic wavers just in case you dropped your belongings on the way into or out of the airport, bus station, train depot or hotel. Smith numerous times since my arrival and he has absolutely no information for me as to the whereabouts of my luggage!

how to write a letter for lost wallet

The method you use may depend on how quickly you need to retrieve the item. However, others may charge a fixed amount, if this is the case though it should only be a small amount.

sample letter of lost documents

Or would you send it back? You are a student at a university in the UK. Doing this proves that you have not just pulled a number out of the air for the item's value.

Include a copy of the original purchase receipt for each item you pack if you have it.

how to write a letter to police station for lost wallet

When I carefully opened the package and looked at the clothes and the tags, I realized that this was not what I had ordered.

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