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This really helps with grammar and prediction skills. Of Mice and Men Chapter 3 - The students will be able to write a brief essay that uses specific textual evidence to support their analysis. Taking those extra minutes when planning to think about possible solutions could avoid you having a disastrous lesson. Family Traditions and Culture - To provide a context to discuss meaning in written texts by using the background, knowledge, and experience of the students. Students draw scenes from the book on each side of the paper bag and use them to give a presentation about their book. Procedure 1. So, settle down class. As a very general rule you can start with an introduction to the lesson, introduce the new language, give the children some controlled practice and move onto freer practice. What vocabulary do I want to teach them? What feeling is observed in the old man s face in his deathbed? You Saw What on Mulberry Street? Where was the lady headed to that day? Cora Unashamed - Students will discuss and comprehend interpretation questions that involve expanding the elements found in the story.

The learners need to fill in the gap to talk to their partner and in this way everyone produces similar language. It was he who slept for 20 years only Very good!

Fitting Together - Students will work together as a team to create a puzzle which reflects the input of each student.

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Author Study - In this activity, students research an author of their choosing. Everything on your plan should be educational. Just a Stop VI. Step 5: Predictions: Students discuss the name of the mythological character and make predictions about the character in the myth. Step Newspaper Article: Students study the differences in author's style and purpose for newspaper writing vs. Students sit down Very good! Students should participate in the development of a rubric or scoring guide to evaluate the project before they begin their work. Discussion of the song follows. The 5 Literary Elements - To learn about the five elements of literature: character, setting, plot, theme and point of view. The inn was a place where Rip and the townspeople commonly go to. Okay, anymore?

Discuss the message of the song Temporary Home. We find that a single piece can be play, Sir.

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They then create a chart showing how the different scenes led up to the climax. Finding the Climax of the Story - In this activity, students chart the progression of a story as it builds to a climax. However on your previous reading material, to what genre was it transferred?

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