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That's why Young says to get a general sense of your plot before you start writing.

What is fantasy writing

Leave them in the comments below. But a novel is about more than an incredible world — we need a plot and characters to get behind. ProWritingAid It is amazing that artificial intelligence is now able not only to check basic problems like spelling and grammar but help correct your style too. Are there posh quarters inhabited by the wealthy, separated from slum areas where the poor are condemned to dwell? Feed your readers clues through such images. The most powerful tool in your world building arsenal is, instead… the question. In particular, the message that the fear of and flight from death rob us of the brilliance of life is at its heart.

How to write fantasy: author Geraldine Pinch shares tips Writing fantasy is not an easy option or a quick way to make money, but if you have the imagination to see wonders and the skill to describe them, if you have things to say that can only be said with dragons, then fantasy may be your genre.

Let them have flaws.

How to write a fantasy novel outline

Describe Your Fantasy World Good authors make their readers see the world through their eyes. History To craft a fully believable fictional world, it is necessary to give a sense of the historical background involved. Character development is an excellent way to surprise or keep readers guessing. Importantly, a rich universe can be a major player in your plot — playing as big of a role as any other character. Although researching what other authors have done right can help, the reason these books were successful is because they were innovative. Try not to obstruct the movement of the plot and the development of character. Deciding on which viewpoint to use can impact how you choose to progress your plot, so it is important to make this choice early. Be careful with character motivations The biggest trope for motivating a male character is the death of his wife, girlfriend, or family member. Plot out your story before you begin Stories in the fantasy genre are often complex and epic — all the more reason to plot it out before.

Maybe your society is very similar to the Vikings. You might choose to tell an old story with a new twist or from an unusual viewpoint.

Add details about weather, environment, lingering noises in the air etc. Read and read and read, and you'll start to see your own writing improve.

how to write a fantasy novel step by step

The characters and setting of the story entirely depend on the timeframe.

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How to Write a Fantasy Novel that Gets Read in 8 Steps [+Template]