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They range from slightly right to far right. Feels distrusts of the intentions of the ones that surround him, inferiority feelings, narcissism, egocentrism.

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On the negative side: this is translated as contradictions, difficulties in adjustment, capricious person. Learn more. Perceives the pressure of the environment as anguish.

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Do any of these handwriting traits ring true with you? Create a new account. Graphology, which is a projective technique, provides us with valuable information on multiple aspects of the personality of the human being through handwriting analysis. When for many reasons the left hand is used, we may find fallen writing. Rightward slant is linked to being demonstrative and reduced impulse control. Perceives the pressure of the environment as anguish. No slant at all: If your handwriting is straight up and down then your thinking may be the same. Since they do not know whether they are coming or going, they are socially not reliable. The superior area reflects intellectual and spiritual thinking. Sad stories and tears will have an effect on his decision making. EX: "Oh my gosh!

Backward Slant writing, therefore, is seen first of all as an indicator of the primary need for abandonment, languor and assimilating activity, belonging to the Forward Slant writing. May suffer an affective block, although might have subconsciously great affective needs that cannot express.

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Who has lacked affection during childhood, in adulthood will feel conditioned to avoid friction, conflicts, that might be associated to old inner frustrations. What insight! Because of the way we were taught we may once have had a similar style of handwriting to our friends at primary school, but over the years we develop individual characteristics that are unique to us.

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They are unable to react emotionally. The three are selected because of their very different slants and the matching behaviors. According to slant, we classify the different types of slant: Very Slanted defined dextrogyrous or lied down Meaning of slanted handwriting: Dextrogyrous Slanted handwriting. Phil Spector, instability Marcel Elfers The last slant shown is the author who varies between forward, vertical and backward slants. No slant at all: If your handwriting is straight up and down then your thinking may be the same. We write the way our brain has programmed us to write, so take advantage of what you know. There is a great difference between having the need of contacting others and being able to achieve it. The middle area reflects emotions, social ethics and daily routines. Then, using a protractor, we take the measures.

Very sinistrogyrous or fallen towards the left This writing denotes personal problems that lead to protection towards the outside world. They establish dependent relationships since they were not able to detach from the mother.

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The emotional sentiment of those who have the Backward Slant writing must daily live with the contradiction between the two opposing tendencies, which feeds the jealousies, the exaggerated possessive needs because they are based on a sense of interior insecurity, the suspicions that arise in the mind of those who always doubt the other.

People with left slanted handwriting somehow manage to be charming in social situations while remaining emotionally aloof.

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The quantity of letters to be measured will depend on the size of the sample and the exactitude we desire to obtain. There are many more scenarios, which cannot be covered in a short article. Little self-confidence, social relationships and bonds are difficult, distrust, disguise, lack of honesty. As you remember from my first blog, moving to the right shows the need to move forward to the future and is linked to impulsiveness. Slanting Slants to the left: If your handwriting slants to the left, experts suggest you may like to keep to yourself, usually preferring to work alone or behind the scenes. Graphology: Slanted Handwriting Social interest is a value that impulses humans to cultivate relationships with others, procuring to conceal interests in common. Controlled passions in love life. The three are selected because of their very different slants and the matching behaviors.

The slant of your handwriting signifies about your personality traits enormously.

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Handwriting Analysis: What Does the Slant of Your Handwriting Reveal?