Field marshal haig hero or butcher of the somme essay

why was general haig called the butcher of the somme

This also leads many to believe that we would have lost the war if it were not for America joining in. The British offensive, an utter failure, resulted in a stalemate, which was common throughout World War One He is the Butcher of the Somme, I think.

general haig good or bad leader

Rupert Colley. But the title of hero is still something the field marshal deserves as the method he used to try and achieve. One argument goes that he was, ultimately, victorious and, even if he had been replaced would there have been anyone better for the job?

Or was he just doing his job and was there any misunderstanding in the battle? Different people have their different evidences for that.

douglas haig, 1st earl haig siblings

The German attack on Verdun started on 21st February Yet the very nature of warfare during meant that offense was no match against deeply entrenched defence; the weapons of defence during the First World War were much superior to the weapons of offense.

While he brought eventual victory, he is accused of being responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of young men during and beyond. On the other hand, the second interpretation is that Haig was just doing his job as a general.

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Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig: War hero or butcher of the Somme?