Exploring the themes of pride and success in arthur millers death of a salesman

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Arthur Miller: A Critical Study. Miller uses many characters to contrast the difference between success and failure within the play David L. Surprisingly, over the centuries authors have remained remarkably close to Aristotle's guidelines. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, He said that they have evidence. America, being seen as a land of immense opportunities, gave rise to the American dream of free worship. There are beliefs that think money and power are the ideal things to strive for

As the play progresses, Willy spends more and more time in the past as a means of reestablishing order in his life. The three major themes within the play are denial, contradiction, and order versus disorder.

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Sympathy is evoked and reasons for his behavior are given. All three themes work together to create a dreamlike atmosphere in which the audience watches a man's identity and mental stability slip away. This brings us to the following question: For whom is then the American dream designed?

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It is only at the end of the play that Biff admits he has been a "phony" too, just like Willy. For example, Willy's favorite memory is of Biff's last football game because Biff vows to make a touchdown just for him. Willy vehemently denies Biff's claim that they are both common, ordinary people, but ironically, it is the universality of the play which makes it so enduring.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, I am watching a horrible train wreck that is just about to occur right before my baby blue eyes.

death of a salesman themes

Following the line of this argumentation, it would seem, then, that Willy, a white male, is a perfect candidate for achieving the American dream.

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