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The statistics are impressive, even if the results were less so. Although the question remains who is to receive the blame — for the deaths and failures of appropriated emergency response and aid, I believe to place the blame on one party over another is dismissive due to sundry factors requiring attention.

One of the largest and deadliest events that Essays on katrina in history was a disaster not anybody could control or be held accountable for. After the storm, the government was disgracefully slow to respond to the cause. This paper will explore the contrasts and comparisons between these two horrific storms.

More than 70 nations pledged monetary donations and other assistance after the hurricane! In addition, if the government acted immediately upon what happened in New Orleans, the city would most likely be further along in reconstruction and transition than it is now.

A prime example of this is New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. On August 28 almost all infrastructe had been shut down along the coast making it even harder to evacuate people. Following one of the worst storms in American history, the combination of mass policing, mass incarceration, the precedent and continuing privatization of the education, housing and labor sectors—combined with the post disaster framing of black victims of Hurricane Katrina as criminals—led to the rise and normalization of a neoliberal, militarized response to disaster relief and rebuilding efforts in New Orleans.

It was found that there were Katrina-related deaths in Louisiana and 15 deaths among Katrina evacuees in other states. But as often happens, others took the riskier course and resolved to ignore the warnings and attempt to ride out the storm.

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As many know, these three states in the heart of the Deep South represent some of the poorest in the country. In just 9 hours the storm went from a category 3 to a category 5 hurricane, this was due to the storms movements over the warm waters of the loop current, which increased the wind speeds of the hurricane.

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The Consequences of Hurricane Katrina Essays