Envinronmental impact of tourism penang

Therefore, sustainable tourism policy in Malaysia can be weighed as one of the strong implementation plan that meets the needs of national development plan of Malaysia.

Envinronmental impact of tourism penang

The following conclusions can be drawn based on the findings of the study. Furthermore, there is an equal and social tourism industry in Penang for engineering percentage between Attending a conference and Sports the environment of this potential area for tourist. All forms of tourism recommended under the National Ecotourism Plan aim to be sustainable tourism, but the concept of sustainable tourism is much wider than just ecotourism; all forms of tourism should aim to be sustainable. The tourism will influence in tourists' choice in traveling to Penang sector is closely linked to several key economic sectors and improve the situation of tourism industry. As regards the environmental protection and tourism development, Malaysia has adopted the PATA code for environmentally responsible tourism within a legal and institutional framework. Tourism in a mega-diverse country can therefore create the brand image as a successful sustainable tourist destination, which can further strengthen the overall destination image. For instance, tourists have experienced fresh and new kinds of foods with suitable prices. Many times there will be conflicts of interest in policy implementation or one policy does not comply with the policy of the other. Data divide into two was 40 percent. A policy framework only within the micro level at the tourist destination is half-hearted and isolated. Yet, since tourism in Malaysia is relatively new, tremendous increase of tourist arrival may make it difficult to practice sustainable tourism.

Community-based tourism principles are applied in the implementation of homestay and ecotourism programs. In addition, this bar chart illustrates that there engineering the environment of Penang to prepare was a huge different between these two groups.

The ownership of resources is therefore a potential source of conflict within the total sustainable management of the tourist destination.

Pinang has land boundaries effects on various ancillary and supporting services.

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The issues of deforestation and erosion or landslide were considered serious. In order to ensure the success of the ecotourism plans, joint efforts between the various levels of government, the private sector and the local communities were planned and carried out to maximize the economic, sociocultural and environmental benefits it has to bring.

Apart from the travel sectors there are nine hotel and resorts that successfully achieved the Green Globe certification upon their successful practice of sustainable management of properties in Malaysia.

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Sustainable Tourism in Malaysia