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Ecomap Ecomaps are characterized by circles representing individuals and groups and linked in various ways. Always put a date on your eco-map.

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Is there a co-ordinated approach to service delivery? Is it meeting their needs? The best example is to consider relationships as chess boards.

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Relationship of childhood abuse and household dysfunction to many of the leading causes of death in adults: the adverse childhood experiences ACE study. Are the boundaries flexible, i. Use to show your relation with education and health services too. Do they engage in any activities outside school or work or belong to any groups? Family members become enmeshed and sometimes depressed as there is no new input to energise relationships and thinking. Each chess board represents the choice behavior matrix of individuals as they attempt to reach goals they have set for themselves. Ecomaps are a good way to visually represent the client system, the influences on the client, and the energy flow to and from the client system. Put each persons name and age in the centre of the square or circle. A healthy relationship between mother and daughter would likely have an arrowhead on both ends, showing the reciprocity of the relationship, while one-sided relationships would have an arrowhead pointing in only one direction. A solid line indicates a strong relationship. Flow of resources, lacks and deprivation can be demonstrated with the help of the ecomap.

They provide a useful tool for assessment of family, social and community relationships and the quality of these connections. Eco-maps provide a clear visual representation of the state of boundaries within a family unit and highlight where a worker may need to encourage parents to allow more openness and input so individual members can develop relationships both external to the family as well as internal.

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Eco-maps are a visual map of a family's connections to the external world. Do they have access to good health care?

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A thorough genogram will also include medical information including diagnoses. Families who have flexible open boundaries have healthy relationships with people outside the family. Bronfenbrenner was not the only person exploring the application of ecological systems theory thinking in

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