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Data proves that photos, pictures and adding variety to The video walls and kiosks segments gained a high share in followed by the video screens segment.

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The base year considered for the study isand the market size is projected from to Banking sector is another prominent application segment for the technology, attributed to the widespread presence of banks, ATMs, and other banking facilities such as e-banking centers.

The report contains the SWOT analysis of the market.

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Many screens today also have automatic brightness control, which means they adjust their brightness to coincide with the level of ambient light around them, which conserves energy and keeps the screen working longer.

Digital signage appeals to our inherent nature to be inquisitive.

In , when Hurricane Sandy hit New York, many hotels that had digital signage used it to keep guests updated as events unfolded. Hardware components consist of displays, components required to manufacture a digital panel, displays, and banners, among others. This drop in the operational expenditure is due to avoiding the use of paper for advertisement purposes and frequent damages and changes associated with the traditional marketing activities. Greenhouse gas emissions are ever increasing, fueled by incineration, methane gas released from landfill decomposition and the transportation logistics of paper products throughout the paper signage cycle. Digital signage is one of the easiest ways to invest once and then serve a variety of important welcome messages, useful information and entertainment to guests within that crucial 10 minutes. Greater screen sizes, such as above inch displays, are likely to gain popularity over the forecast period. Thus, the reduction in energy consumption due to the adoption of advanced technologies, such as LED, in digital signage is luring the enterprises to opt for digital signage. Social media is a huge part of the retail experience and it suits digital signage down to the ground! At tradeshows, while surrounded by competitors, you often have just minutes to make an impression and persuade your buyer to move into the customer area. Thus, digital posters are adopted largely by the retail sector as digitized advertising is an effective way of marketing a product to attract the attention of consumers. The creation and distribution of content with digital signage are the effective promotional strategies for the enterprises, as they are able to reach out to a larger audience base. Digital signage has seen major deployment in the retail sector.

There are also several things you can do to conserve energy and help the environment. In terms of shipments, the market was estimated at 3, thousand units in and is expected to reach 6, thousand units by Software providers have been targeting new entrants by designing solutions compatible with Android OS.

You know, when your boss would shout "we need Snapchat! Moreover, there is a rising demand for advanced products that require digitized information management and guidance that can be accessed from remote locations.

Digital signage gives more freedom and flexibility to retailers while seamlessly enhancing consumer engagement with your brand. The ability of a digital sign to display countless messages is what makes it cost effective.

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Digital Signage Research and Market Analysis