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However, in order to create multiple sources of income in line with our core diagnostic service we will offer medical support services as well as consultancy and advisory services. Diagnosis will also require efficient systems and programming to arrive at the results.

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We will source for and hire the best employees that are not only capable but have the necessary experience that would be needed to help us rise from an unknown start-up to a force to be reckoned with not only here in Niger but also nationally as well. Our intention is to ensure that we generate as much revenue as we can and also maximize profit so as to boost and sustain our bottom line as is permissible under the laws of Nigeria and within our professional ambition. Once Scan Lab has been approved by an insurance company, it will rely on referrals of physicians to point their patients to Scan Lab. Diagnostics Center Business Plan — Publicity and Advertising Strategy Our kind of business thrives well on good publicity and so despite the fact that we are running a standard and leading diagnostics center business, we will be engaging in publicity measures that will allow us to compete favorably against our competitors while allowing us to promote and advertise our brand positively to our intended target market. It is important to point that beyond the fact that one has the license to practice as a laboratory scientist, you would still need a good business skill to be able to make it really big in the industry. We will ensure that our employees are well paid and have better welfare packages than their counterparts in similar start-ups such as ours. Insurance companies therefore are the gate keepers to this process. Equipments The equipment required for the pathology lab has a very different range of items in it. Apart from serving the patients with software tools, there is a need for these tools in supporting the lab work too. The required licenses are given below. Software tools It would be a great support if you can carry out the activities of the lab in a computerised manner.

If you wish to start a business which is of high demand and scope, then setting up a Pathology lab or diagnostic center would be the most appropriate one for you. Medical centers carry out a large range of diagnostics, scans and tests. Updating each patients file with the results, sending them reminders, having a record of their medical history will be possible with strong software tools and a staff with adequate knowledge in this field.

There is nothing wrong in having a broad center that has multiple services. You would also need the furniture and fittings.

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Throw a unique and medical themed party to launch our business and generate the needed interest for our business. Infrastructure The setup has to give focus to the infrastructure of the lab since this may help the staff work efficiently without any disruption. Hire qualified technicians Setup lab equipments License required to start a diagnostic center Medical industry focuses more on safety and having that there are a number of regulations and rules to be followed before setting up a pathology lab. Jones has practiced radiology for 13 years at a large clinic in Boston. Maximum attention should be given for space so that the related factor infrastructure also turns out to be an efficient one. Need actual charts? On the other hand, if you do not then you may consider getting a loan from any of the banks or microfinance banks in your country. Get required license — List of license required is given below. Diagnostic center Business Plan You need a business plan to know the way forward. Setting up a diagnostic center of just a pathology lab will need proper location, capital and knowledge about latest investigations and medical tests performed in a lab.. Our vision is to ensure that we are able to serve our local physicians as well as other clients with diagnosis that is not only fast and accurate but private as well and also reasonably priced. The medical representative will be informing you and the staff regularly about the dynamic conditions in medical field. Register Your Business You cannot start a medical and diagnostics center if you do not have an incorporated business. The lab technicians are also appointed to have a thorough control and knowledge over the machines used in the lab. Due to the fact that we are relatively new in this business, we intend to lower our rate in the first three months so as to attract more customers to our business and also increase awareness for our diagnostics business and the services we offer.

The lab technicians are also appointed to have a thorough control and knowledge over the machines used in the lab. Our Products and Services Patilad Medical and Diagnostics Centre, a leading and standard medical diagnostics center, we intend to offer diagnostics services to all our customers from our permanent location here Minna, Niger State.

Diagnostic business is profitable because lots of people need this valuable service.

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Medical support services Sales Forecast The medical diagnostics business is one that will always be a lucrative business not only because of the support they offer to hospitals but because people will always have a reason to want to check what is wrong within their bodies either for good or bad reasons.

Carolyn Jones. It will be important to have a strong marketing and sales campaign that alerts referring doctors to Scan Lab's services.

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You may also attract some angel investors when you have a good business plan. The information and data that we have gathered from the market survey has also enabled us to structure our business in such a way that will attract the number of customers that we would need. Develop a marketing strategy and include profit, expenditure and cost. He was eventually elevated to lab manager, staying with the lab for five years. If there is more or enough investment to spend adequately on infrastructure, space, staff, machinery and software tools the higher will be incoming and outgoing of patients in your lab. Payment Options T-Ray Diagnostics Center LLC is a leading and standard medical diagnostics business that has the paying comfort and convenience of its clients in mind. Each of these three can be ordered individually if needed. It deals with the laboratory examination of samples of body tissue for diagnostic or forensic purposes. This will ensure that they remain motivated and dedicated to ensuring that we achieve all our goals and objectives. However, you have to always be on your toes being in touch with the; latest trends in the industry as well as others.
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Marketing Plan for Multi Diagnostic Center