Critical analysis of a qualitative study

Critical analysis of a qualitative study

Thus qualitative methodologies are inductive, that is, oriented towards discovery and process, have high validity, are in its unique context Ulin, Robinson and Tolley, They believe that qualitative and quantitative techniques are appropriate for different research tasks and are designed to achieve different research goals.

Qualitative Research: Theory, Method and Practice.

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Mixed Research Paradigm In mixed research, the researcher uses a mixture or combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, approaches or concepts in a single research study or in a set of related studies. The key difference between quantitative and qualitative methods is their flexibility.

Describe the guidelines to critique a qualitative research report

Commendably, it was explicitly stated that there was homogeneity of race and religious beliefs. Another commendable aspect to the study is that it states there is research indicating decreased validity and reliability with respect to coping. Lincoln eds. It can be assumed the literature review was done after the common emergent concepts were defined in order to minimize researcher bias although it was not clearly stated. Like different cultures, they explain that each tradition abides by its own sets of practices and beliefs. Interpretive paradigm is underpinned by observation and interpretation, thus to observe is to collect information about events, while to interpret is to make meaning of the information by drawing inferences or by judging the match between the information and some abstract pattern Silverman, Findings The study failed to provide in depth analysis of the findings, and how emergent concepts and themes were managed. The positivist research paradigm underpins quantitative methodology. Polit, P. Conformability was also limited because there was no mention of two or more independent reviews Loiselle et al. This is praiseworthy as it allows analysis of a broad range of characteristics in people with debilitating illnesses, which is the target population of study. The study did not elaborate in great detail on methods to maintain data quality, content analysis, and trustworthiness. Practical implications This synthesis discusses the themes; their relationship to existing research and policies, and suggestions for further exploration.

Manion, L. Goertz, G. Sarantakos, S. Related Papers.

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However, a synthesis of this topic has the potential to provide greater insight into how transition can be experienced through the reconceptualising of the personal experiences across the studies reviewed Erwin et al. It is important to note, however, that there is a range of flexibility among methods used in both quantitative and qualitative research and that flexibility reflects the kind of understanding of the problem that is being pursued using the method.

Step-by-step guide to critiquing research. part 2: qualitative research

Ethics There are two goals in the ethical framework specified by the Tri-Council Policy statement Silverman argues that interpretivist assume that knowledge and meaning are acts of interpretation, hence there is no objective knowledge which is independent of thinking, reasoning humans. Goertz and Mahoney argue that the two cultures are not hermetically sealed from one another but rather are permeable and permit boundary crossing. Literature Review The literature review is a solid source for indentifying gaps in knowledge and reasons for current research under two major concepts. Researchers used multiple methods of addressing the research problem such as transcribed taped interviews that included expressions and attitudes. Melbourne: Macmillan Education. Snowballing is an effective method in qualitative research because it helps the researcher obtain information thick in description pertaining to the area the researchers wish to study. Handbook of Qualitative Research 2nd ed.
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(DOC) Critical Analysis in Qualitative and Quantitative methods