Creative writing outdoors

Here in Ontario, we have a relatively new requirement that all K-8 students engage in 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity every day.

Put in features which are open-ended and have multiple uses In the photo below, the wooden stumps and border of the sandpit can be used for mark making. Rocks I've stumbled upon a rock that stumbled upon me.

literacy and outdoor play

Then ask your child to go and find the treasure using the map you created. Here are some simple instructions for pressing flowers: Put your flowers on top of some parchment paper with the flower facing down in the middle of your heavy book.

Got any more ideas for outdoor writing activities for kids? Take advantage of your local library to vary up your titles, or stick with a few old favorites. Here are some tips for keeping a nature journal: Start by adding the date and time at the top of the page Write down the weather conditions outside Draw a quick picture or take a photo to include in your journal entry Use all your five senses to describe the setting.

In case you need another reminder: back up your work frequently. Mirrors also make good drawing and writing surfaces outside, as does Perspex.

Have fleece blankets, sleeping bags and other warm material for children to wrap up warm, should they wish 9.

Outdoor writing ideas

In a group ask each child to pick one stone and tell a story. Poetry teaches many skills such as descriptive writing, using synonyms appropriately when trying to rhyme , and developing creativity. That is why more and more teachers are taking their classrooms outdoors to help get the creative juices flowing. Something beautiful was hidden beneath its cracks and erosion. Grit and mud also work well. So a brisk walk around the neighborhood every Friday morning helps us to meet those requirements. Or, by sitting on the ground, the stumps and border can be used as mini tables.

Finally, consider how features that enable writing outdoors impact on the ethos of your school or setting. Children can chalk or paint directly onto these surfaces. And we will continue to try to make the familiar strange. Not sure where to start?

Outdoor reading games

This will help them get thinking in the right direction. Got any more ideas for outdoor writing activities for kids? Edutopia believes that taking free writing sessions outdoors will encourage students to dig deeper inside themselves. To help you get out more at any time of the year, take a look at our 7 outdoor writing activities for kids. These can be black boards or white boards. We have all gone through a point in our life where change occurred and the perfect serenity of "now" slipped through our fingers. Or, by sitting on the ground, the stumps and border can be used as mini tables. You rejected the alteration, and had to accept the defeat.
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Let’s Get Writing Outside