Compare contrast essay oedipus antigone

The main theme for Antigone is that people sometimes have to learn the hard way from their mistakes. Antigone is a character that decided to take fate into her own hands by deciding to defy the king and bury her brother, Polynices, because of how important family is to her.

Compare contrast essay oedipus antigone

Irrationality is evident in both works as well. Chronologically, it is the third of the three Theban plays, but was the first to be written.

As more and more evidence is presented to him in favor of the prophecy, he tries to find a way around it and calls another witness. Again, one can see dramatic irony arise. When comparing the two pieces, it becomes evident that very similar vessels connected these very different plays. We also see it at the end when the truth finally hits the tragic hero. When a person gives into temptation, this is seen as a sign of weakness. The author even repeats some of the dialogue as if he was trying to emphasize the parallelism between the two. He purges his guilt by dashing out his eyes, following through with his curse of banishment, apologizes to Creon, and curses his children. That play both begins and concludes within the public domain, the plot being driven by the plague that troubles the city, and which is so graphically brought to life by the Priest. He was only accepting the fact that Laius had been killed by robbers. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Oedipus The King tells the story of a king who tries to outrun his fate and in the end self-banishes himself out of guilt leaving the kingdom of Thebes to Creon. That is how the story goes. In Oedipus the King, Sophocles used characterization to portray Oedipus as the tragic hero. Usually, after a person has given into temptation once, that person will find each successive temptation easier and easier to give in to.

Antigone is a play about the tension caused when two individuals have conflicting claims regarding law. However, it should be noted that while each of these characters demonstrate hubris, they way in which their arrogance manifests itself is unique to each character They simply have to be learned.

oedipus the king and antigone

He wants to show Athenians that to be a morally good person, she must take responsibility for her actions. Fate and Prophecy have both appeared in literature, most notably in Ancient Greek and Roman plays.

common themes between oedipus and antigone

Antigone, when she attempted to bury her brother, and Creon whom by his very own edict, is brought to his ruin.

Then dog him and pay him pride wages for his haughty greed, his sacrilege and folly.

They must be prosperous and well known. Actors were able to perfrom many different parts, but the play was limited to only three actors and the chorus. In the play Antigone, there are many situations in which loyalty is involved, and in some, conflicts arise The main theme for Antigone is that people sometimes have to learn the hard way from their mistakes. Also if there were no characters the outcome of the play would be different For this reason, Sophocles created heroes unlike those of earlier mythology and used their flaws to emphasize the importance of personal accountability. He even stated that he liked the earlier triumverant because he reaped the benefits without the hassle and responsibility. Although, Antigone does reveal the character flaws which Creon possessed. They were expected to do take on the accepted role of a woman. Hamartia is a characters flaw. With this, the reader can see how Sophocles uses dramatic irony , by using verbal irony. Until Creon became king, he had no political ambitions. The play Antigone addresses many of the same themes, but there is an exceptional difference between this play and Oedipus Rex. Oedipus blames Creon for the murder because Creon was the one who recommended Teriesias to Oedipus.
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Contrast Between Oedipus the King and Antigone by Sophocles