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Please see the umlauts section for further details and possible solutions. Elemente der Mathematik, 25 6 —, November Language The default language of your thesis is German.

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Namely, you can configure the title of your thesis, your name, the names of your supervisors, dates, etc. You may want to remove such tables if you only have a very limited number, i. However, if you need umlauts on the title page, say in your title, your name, and your professor's name, you have to use the native LaTeX way of writing umlauts.

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Simply comment the related line in thesis. In my free time, I enjoy geocaching, reading, typography, and artistic gymnastics no longer as an active athlete. Only use these three files to modify your LaTeX thesis. License Configuration The LaTeX template can be modified and configured easily using a very limited number of files, namely classicthesis-config. Language The default language of your thesis is German. Personal data This is where you have to place all the personal stuff of your thesis, starting at line 7. A collection of the postcards I received so far is available online at postcards. Thus, you have to modify this file in order to configure some basic stuff like the language of your thesis. Richard K. Providing authors with a classic, high quality typographic style which is inspired by Robert Bringhurst 's "The Elements of Typographic Style".

Table of content, figures, tables, listings, and acronyms By default, the thesis templates prints a lot of table of content, i. Two-sided vs.

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