Chottaudepur is a tribal dominated taluka

The dependence of tribals is almost total on the forest and its surroundings where they reside.

villages of chhota udaipur district

Besides secondary and higher secondary schools only two colleges and 5 ITI schools Industrial Training Institutions are there in the district.

This provides both strength and non-transparency. In the long run, the interest of children wavers and they cease to go to school. Livestock Cows and buffalos are the main cattle in the district, with cow population standing at 1,96, Hand pumps are either not in operation or water is used only for domestic work and not for drinking.

census 2011 chhotaudepur

He readily received support of the village elders who knew him through his last stint. Land holdings are small and get further divided when a son builds a separate house.

Chottaudepur is a tribal dominated taluka
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Chhota Udaipur district