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We also placed notices on our websites, asking companies to post their information or submit it to us. These are the doctors that other doctors recognize as the best in their fields. Top Private Companies The Top Private Companies in the Capital Region are selected in July based on their reported or estimated revenue for the most recently completed fiscal year.

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CopyrightBest Doctors, Inc. Service-learning is successfully used at the University in both traditional and clinically based classroom settings and has become a nationally recognized cornerstone of the curriculum.

Best Doctors, Inc. Used under license, all rights reserved. Nominations are accepted beginning in January and reviewed by a community panel before final selections are made.

The physicians featured in the following profiles are known for their medical expertise, their innovative treatments, their commitment to outstanding patient care, and their gift for providing hope and healing.

Best Doctors is part of Teladoc Health, the global leader in virtual care delivering a powerful connected care platform—a single solution for addressing a complete spectrum of medical conditions.

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The Best Doctors in Baton Rouge