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Historical Employment Overview: Unskilled laborers in the past were frequently unionized and adequately compensated for their work cite sources. Reorganize your outline if necessary, but always keep the purpose of your paper and your readers in mind. Conclusion Example: Gun control research paper outline Depending on the aspect you are to research, the outline may vary, as these are just general guidelines. Traditionally, two spaces are required at the end of every sentence whether the sentence ends with a period, a question mark, or an exclamation mark. Although it is not wrong to leave two spaces after a period, it is quite acceptable nowadays to leave only one space after each punctuation mark. The purpose of this section is to justify your own project or paper by pointing out a gap in the current research which your work will address. First of all, let's make sure you understand what a research paper outline is.

Do not forget about valid references and proper citation according to the required paper format. Background After the initial introduction, background on your topic often follows.

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Here, you don't need a title page. Rather than simply reiterating each major and minor point, quickly revisit your thesis statement and focus on ending the paper by tying your thesis into current research in your field, next steps for other researchers, your broader studies, or other future implications.

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Here, you don't need a title page. Generally speaking, it is a logical organization of a text, including its parts, paragraphs, and subparagraphs. Did I miss anything? Include all subtopics you are going to discuss, and make sure each has arguments and counterarguments to reflect your main idea. Are my arguments presented in a logical sequence? Main causes of human trafficking II. Social conditions of the most vulnerable subgroups III. Reorganize your outline if necessary, but always keep the purpose of your paper and your readers in mind. Both of them have a lot of differences starting from citation rules to the way you write the author's name. It starts with a title which you are to write in uppercase letters. Background A. You should start with the thesis of the paper, so do not begin using subheadings.

The introduction prepares your reader for this statement, and the rest of the paper follows in support of it. Varying lengths of sentences?

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Many students miss this step, diminishing its overall impact. Outlining Video. Did I follow my outline? This will show your commitment to the challenging tasks and create quite an impressive academic reputation.

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How to Write a Research Paper Outline