An essay on the concept of god

My moral and ethical philosophy stems from my biblical, Christian upbringing and my current Christian walk of faith. For Coakley, this task is localized particularly in the elevation of the Holy Spirit to its orthodox position of coequality with the other hypostases.

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In small groups, morality can be enforced by social forces such as gossip or reputation. But when humans discovered its sweet juice, it just had to be disciplined into growing within the space allotted to it and nurtured by irrigation before it grew into vast lush stretches of such a generous produce that after being squeezed of its last drop of sweet juice by industrial scale sugar extraction processes, can still provide basic roughage to field oxen from leftovers!

She hops from one topic to another like an irritable fly, skipping off of many surfaces but never quite coming to rest on one.

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At what age does a child begin to understand the concept of circular reasoning? The whole earthly creation resounds with the songs of birds and is a kaleidoscope of pleasant sights and landscapes! Today the human eye is so capable that we humans have the ambitious foresight!

Coakley devotes a chapter to historical representations of the Trinity in iconography to show how the Christian imagination has often fallen into the trap of making the Spirit a mere add-on to the dyad of Father and Son.

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Integrity: An Essay on God