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Some colonists—roughly 20 percent of the population—remained loyal to the Crown. The influence of power is still apparent in places such as Egypt, which has shown the negative effects of localization of power to a single ruler Then some small skirmishes between the colonists and the local British army. When the American Revolution ended with the Treaty of Paris in , the consequences of the American Revolution could also affect nation politically, socially, and economically. How did the American Revolution begin? What else could the colonists do? Henceforth constitutions, including the federal Constitution, would be a direct act of legislation by "We the people," a phrase that, in , the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia took directly from the Massachusetts constitution and inserted into the federal Constitution. Great Britain believed settlers should compensate for warfare because it was fought halfway to protect the states. To compensate for the debt that had accrued Britain decided to increase taxes in the American colonies

Other changes took more time. Be sure to explore our full range of hands-on history programs for groups, families and individuals and teachers.

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Beginning in , the thirteen colonies began to stand up for their independence. The Tea Act did not impose a new tax. The American Revolution was the rebellion of British colonists against England, however, the cost of liberty may very well have been far too high due to the economic crisis which ensued and the inadequacy of the newly formed government, although the freedom to worship as they pleased was gained yet not everyone even benefited from the Revolution. The American Revolution is one of the most famous events in American history. In January of that same year, Thomas Paine published Common Sense, a brochure that strongly served to rally Americans to independence. For several weeks thereafter, a mass meeting of "the Body of the People," whose members came from Boston and several nearby towns, tried unsuccessfully to get the consignees to resign and to secure permission from customs officials and the royal governor for the ships to leave the harbor and take their tea back to England. Independence Each colony had its own local government. A Stamp Act Congress of delegates from nine colonies met in New York in October , passed resolutions asserting their rights, and petitioned the king, the Lords, and the Commons for redress of their grievances. The patriots were able to gain a great deal of support for a violent Revolution from the less well-to-do, from many of the professional class, especially lawyers, some of the great planters and a number of merchants 9.

The influence of power is still apparent in places such as Egypt, which has shown the negative effects of localization of power to a single ruler There were factors to this great population increase.

With the British flag flying over so much of the North American continent, the colonists looked forward to a time of uninterrupted peace, expansion, and prosperity.

Also England suffered many issued many financial problems in their own country.

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The war was extremely expensive for England, doubling the national debt. This paper will examine the specific causes and effects of the American Revolution Things just got worse and worse over the course of years until the colonies and Great Britain were at war.

American revolution summary essay

The Sugar Act imposed duties on certain imports not, as in the past, to affect the course of trade—for example, by making it more expensive for colonists to import molasses from the non-British than from the British West Indies—but to raise a revenue in America "for defraying the expense of defending, protecting, and securing the same. To some it is even thought to be a good thing so that the British could reorganize their imperial strategies The first of the events to create the spiral effect was the seven year war or the French and Indian War. The colonies were so angry about these taxes that they began to revolt against them. The American Revolution portrays many similarities and qualities of the French revolution, due to the inspiration of one to another. War War didn't happen right away. Be sure to explore our full range of hands-on history programs for groups, families and individuals and teachers. Thus, what was initially undertaken to secure for British Americans guarantees of local autonomy and individual rights equivalent to those enjoyed by Englishmen in the home islands, This paved the way for later profound protests and changed how society would view the social aspects of a revolution. In the end, the Stamp Act went into effect only in remote Georgia for a brief time.

Support for the Revolution increased when it became clear that King "George III had no intention of making concessions" 9. Though the movement for American independence effectively triumphed at the Battle of Yorktowncontemporary observers did not see that as the decisive victory yet.

Throughout the time of the colonies, from beginning to the Revolution, Great Britain would do things to irritate the colonies and the colonies would aggravate the mother country.

Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull Representation One of the main reasons that the colonists rebelled against Great Britain is that they felt they were not represented in the British government.

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Since the patriots' demands could not be met, the country proclaimed itself independent from 'mother England' and the United States of America were born.

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