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This could include setting up sophisticated ordering processes for all A items, such as checking every purchase order and spending more time discussing lead times with suppliers to guarantee best value and timely deliveries.

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It also provides a framework for determining the best ways to manage and control your inventory. Reordering C-items is made less frequently. Using this data enables you to make real decisions that will increase your revenue. A has the highest value items, B is lower value than A, and C has the lowest value. Look at how your sales teams are divided to see who spends time with these C customers. Category C items are marginally important. Unsubscribe anytime Try Orderhive for free to automate your operations. They can either be the ones that are highly in demand, the ones that are generating the most revenue, or the ones falling under the hottest trend for the season. Stock counting not simply helps you analyze your highly valued items but also helps you to understand how frequently do they need to be replenished. She now realizes that this business is seasonal and she already has invested a lot.

More customer demand, the chances of declination are pushed further. This will unnecessarily tie up your money.

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Sort inventory in decreasing order of impact. Look at who is servicing these customers and how often they are being serviced. What is it? Inventory management and optimization in general is critical for business to help keep their costs under control.

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B-items benefit from an intermediate status between A and C. So, the scope of this class and the inventory management policies are determined by the estimated cost-benefit of class cost reduction, and loss control systems and processes.

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Look at how your sales teams are divided to see who spends time with these C customers. Calculate the cumulative percentage of items sold and cumulative percentage of the annual consumption values using the totals. These are the customers that you know are valuable. There are chances when a supplier might make a nod to your offer, but do not back off.

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How to Use ABC Analysis for Inventory Management (plus XYZ Analysis)